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  • Master Plan: Create a complete vision so that you can continue to add elements to your project that will be harmonious with each other.
  • Drainage: Think ahead. Know where the water needs to flow from your roof and patio.
  • Materials: Natural materials such as stone or brick, wood for your deck, wrought-iron for your custom railing or man-made materials such as pavers or composite wood.
  • Maintenance: Make your life easier. The market is saturated with products that can be utilized during your project installation making your outdoor living space maintenance free.
  • Needs: Ask yourself ‘What are my needs? What function will my outdoor living space have? Will I host parties and if so, what size?’ By answering these questions you are assuring that your outdoor living space will meet all of your needs.
  • Budget: Work within your budget, with an understanding that future additions are always a possibility.
  • Folder: Open a project folder for your outdoor living space. Do research, take photographs, compare, get inspired and find your vision.



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